#4 – Running with Dogs

5 April 2007

If you love running and you love dogs, why not combine the two? My wife and I have two yellow labs – Haven and Beacon – and I run with them often. We also foster dogs for Vicky’s Pet Connection, a local dog rescue and today we happened to have Raven, a black lab mix. Being in the mood for a run, I thought I’d take all three for a run. Since I didn’t feel like getting dragged down the street, I took them each separately on a 1.4 mile loop.

First I ran with Raven, going slow both to warm up and because I hadn’t run with her before:

Running with Raven

Then it was Haven’s turn and I ran this one fast (at least, fast for me):

Running with Haven

Finally Beacon got his shot and I tried to run hard but as you can see, I was toast by the end:

Running with Beacon

After finishing my run with Beacon, I had to stop to catch my breath. Good ol’ Beacon politely sat down to wait for me, looking up at me as if to say “Thanks for bringing me along!”

After the run with Beacon

Three dogs, 4.2 miles, one great evening of running!


  1. Great pics! Looks like you have quite a running club to keep you fit.


  2. Thanks! I’m looking forward to your Mutt Strut race report later this year.

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