#44 – 2007 Running Statistics

1 January 2008

Ella at the Computer

Ella updating her running log – she was my #1 foster dog running partner back in 2006. 

Some people are bored by statistics but I am not one of them. If you are of similar ilk then you’ll enjoy this breakdown of my running for 2007, by the numbers:

1018.5 total miles
207 runs
156 hours
4.92 miles average per run

13 races
7 5K road
2 5M trail
1 5K trail with Haven
1 4M road with Haven and Beacon
1 10K road
1 26.2M trail marathon

788.9 miles on the roads
229.6 miles on the trails
193.2 pounds average weight
56 bpm typical resting heart rate

181.7 miles running with Haven
85.3 miles running with Beacon
53.0 of the above miles running with Haven and Beacon together
4.3 miles running with foster dogs
218.4 miles running with dogs

51 runs with Haven
24 runs with Beacon
14 of the above runs were with Haven and Beacon together
2 runs with foster dogs, Raven and Reese
63 total runs with at least one dog
30% of all runs were with a dog

Congratulations if you’ve scrolled down this far and actually enjoyed reading the stats. The dogs will appreciate your effort since I’m now going to share their own personal numbers, which also include hikes and other walks that I didn’t include in my running tally. Note that “swimming” means time spent playing fetch in water or accompanying Amanda and I while we waded in the river.

327.7 miles total
107.7 miles on leash
220.0 miles off leash
92 outings
65 hours total
9.9 hours swimming

226.2 miles total
65.6 miles on leash
160.7 miles off leash
74 outings
52 hours total
15.8 hours swimming

Foster Dogs
7 of our 17 foster dogs went running – Amber, Raven, Honey, Reese, Betty, Annie, Teddy
51.3 miles total
18.8 miles on leash
32.5 miles off leash
16 outings
14 hours total
no significant swimming

If you’re wondering why Haven racked up 100 more miles than Beacon, there are two main reasons:
1) Beacon likes running, Haven LOVES running. However, Beacon makes up for it with almost 6 more hours of swimming because while Haven likes fetch, Beacon LOVES fetch.
2) Beacon’s pads become sore rather easily and there are several occasions where Haven is taken for a run in place of Beacon because his paws are still recovering. We think the cause is a combination of Beacon’s naturally thin pads and his somewhat stiff-legged gait; in comparison Haven is a very smooth and easy runner.

Yes, I love running with dogs!


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  2. I love running with my dog, too! I very much enjoyed reading your stats and must admit I am impressed with your organization! 🙂

    My lab-mix, Carmen, gets me out of bed at 5:00 AM to do our runs. Have you heard anything negative about training for a marathon with a dog? Our vet is impressed with Carmen’s condition and says it’s okay, but wanted to ask because you’ve got the experience. Thanks! Linda

  3. Training with a dog should be more positive than negative, I would think. 🙂 Just the usual precautions of ensuring your dog isn’t overdoing it, getting dehydrated, or causes you to run too fast or slow. Sounds like you and Carmen have a lot of fun!

  4. We sure do! She’s my motivation and I am scheduled to run my first half marathon in April. Wish Carmen could run the races with me! Thanks for getting back to me.

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  6. Hello everyone. I’m pretty new to runing and doing some searches I’m reading that David Hays has a pretty slick running log spreadsheet. However, every link I follow to his site give me a dead link. Can anyone forward a copy of the spreadsheet to me?

    Text me and I’ll reply with my eamil address. 3142214300

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