About this blog…

The more I run, the more reasons I discover for why runners are motivated to to lace up our shoes. The intent of this blog is to share these reasons for purposes of discussion and inspiration. Each entry will be numbered, counting up as the “reasons to run” are added. Have fun!


  1. Running challenges me, keeps me fit, sharpens my mind and senses, and keeps me grounded in my priorities.

    Nice site. I look forward to reading your posts more. Keep up the great running and posting.


  2. I totally agree. Thanks for the support!

  3. Andrew, It was great meeting you, Haven, and Amanda at Bailey’s Doggie Dash. Thanks again for your inspirational blog. Getting a dog for a running buddy has been wonderful.

  4. It was great to meet you, too. It’s nice to know that in some small way I helped Kasey find a home. Have fun!

  5. Please send me a PM. I have some questions for you.


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