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#22 – Look at the Clouds

26 June 2007

Suffering through a tempo run in today’s 90-degree heat, I cranked up the volume on my iPod in an attempt to distract me from the discomfort. The song that happened to be playing was Little Fluffy Clouds by Orb, which naturally caused my gaze to drift upwards to the clouds. That’s when I saw it…

An elephant. Or rather, a cloud in which my weary mind saw an elephant. Better yet, the elephant was carrying a civil war cannon on its back! Then I spotted a small, round cloud – the cannonball! Emerging from the hazy sky was a giant moray eel, jaws agape, ready to snatch that cannonball for lunch. I kept watching as the wind slowly removed the elephant’s head from its body and dislocated the eel’s jaw.

By the time my eyes returned their focus back to the sidewalk I realized that the song was over and I was half a mile farther down the sidewalk. Seizing upon this newfound method to pass the time, I took a drink of water and then looked up at the clouds again. Within a minute I spotted a giant rabbit with four ears! A few minutes later appeared a turtle with the head of a snail.

I wound up spending half of my run searching for creatures and other objects among the drifting clouds, a great way to escape the pain of a tempo run on a withering, muggy afternoon!