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#39 – Come Full Circle

14 November 2007

Andrew Skurka hiking during April in the southwest

For the past seven months Andrew Skurka has been hiking in circles, or rather, in one big circle. Andrew recently completed his 6,875-mile trek of the Great Western Loop! Back in April Andrew was the subject of my 9th article as he embarked on his trip. I was amazed then and I’m amazed now just thinking about how much has gone on in my life since then – seven months is a long time – during which time Andrew was simply hiking.

Of course, there’s not much simple about it. He planned his trip with such meticulousness that it borders on obsessive, such as using a spreadsheet to plan the components of his meals to ensure he’s getting his optimal carb/fat/protein ratio. He’s a stickler for packing lightly and goes so far as to cut the handle off his plastic spoon to save weight. He coordinated with his parents to have them ship re-supply packages to post offices along his route. If you’re going to spend two-thirds of a year hiking in the wilderness, it pays to be diligent in your planning.

Andrew Skurka‘s pack laid out before the trip

For me, the most impressive thing about Andrew is that he’s made a career out of this; basically he’s a professional hiker! It’s proof that if you throw yourself 100% into what you love, you can make a living at it. Congratulations Andrew!


#9 – Explore the Entire Country

18 April 2007

Last Sunday I explored the local countryside in a 16 mile run. Meanwhile someone else is exploring the entire western half of the country in a 6,875 mile hike!

Andrew Skurka is a hiker who advocates packing lightly and moving quickly, usually covering around a marathon’s distance per day. He’s a former high school runner who fell in love with hiking during college, and now appears to have made hiking his full-time job. Pretty impressive.

Andrew’s Great Western Loop hike began on April 9th, and just two days ago his mom posted his first update from the trail. Amazingly he’s hiked even further before – his “Sea to Sea” trek from the Atlantic to the Pacific covered 7,778 miles in 11 months! Summaries, stats, photos and even gear lists from all of his hikes can be found on his website – he seems to be quite an obsessive planner and organizer, which is good for the rest of us to get an idea of how one would prepare for such an undertaking.

One good way to prepare is to run, which Andrew does often as part of his training. Since resuming running four years ago (after five years of minimal activity), I’ve noticed a huge benefit when hiking or even just walking around the office. I encourage you to notice these small but significant changes that running can add to your life because after all, it’s not only about the running.

Have fun, Andrew!