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#3 – Stinging Ice Pellets

4 April 2007

When I run, I prefer to run outdoors. I’m not opposed to treadmills and I’ll use them if I have to, but I’d rather run outdoors in any conditions. Today was a good example… Even though it’s April, this is Michigan and we got some snow! 34 degrees, 35+ mph winds, and precipitation – sometimes the precipitation was rain, sometimes snow, and sometimes ice pellets. Running into a 35 mph headwind with ice pellets stinging my face was well worth the price of admission! The price being lacing up my running shoes and remembering to wear gloves in April. One of the side benefits of running is that it keeps your legs warm – I was running in shorts today and my legs felt great, but I needed two long-sleeve shirts for my torso. Next time the weather is crazy in your neck of the woods, consider abandoning the treadmill and seek the great outdoors. It will be an experience to remember and you can impress the ‘millworkers when you return covered in ice.