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#53 – One Year Ago

2 April 2008

One year ago yesterday marks the anniversary of this blog!  On April 1, 2007 I wrote the inaugural article about heartbeats and life expectancy, which currently holds the title of the most popular post on Why Run.  Luckily it hasn’t been all downhill from there – just two days ago the blog saw its highest ever daily hit count!

When I started this thing I was simply looking for a creative outlet.  There always a long list of ideas running through my head of topics that I’d love to explore; most of them never leave the confines of my mind.  However, the teaching gene in me (my extended family boasts over a dozen teachers!) also loves to explain what I’ve learned to others.  Upon starting this blog I figured it’d be cool if a thousand people spent a few of their precious minutes between runs to read something here.

Since then this blog has seen almost 9,000 folks visit these pages!  That’s probably more a testament to the value and power of worldwide blogging than my ability to communicate via keyboard, but it’s encouraging that readership has been growing during the past year.

Why Run has averaged exactly one article per week (not counting this one), meeting my goal but not my hopes of more frequent content.  Sometimes life just gets in the way; other times it’s just the mood.  One thing I learned about my injury is that when I’m not running, it’s hard to get motivated to write about running!

What’s on tap for the next 365?  There are some significant changes in the works for Why Run, so stay tuned!